Thursday, November 6, 2008

Your presence and your relationships

Your every day presence and the way you present it changes by the person that is viewing your presence. You don't always express your feelings to the man in the grocery store. You smile when you're sad when meeting strangers, and most of the time, the closer the person is to you, the closer they get to the inner circle of your presence.

Digital presence is not that different. We have so many ways to express it, and we usually choose different ways to express different presence information to different crowds.

I have Facebook chat, Facebook status, Facebook messages, Twitter, Twitter direct messages, email, sms, gtalk, MSN messenger, phone and face 2 face. Without noticing, I created a strict hierarchy in those options that is related to my circles.

My outmost circle, people are hardly know or don't have any direct contact with, I use mostly Facebook. Facebook messages for me is the less favorite way of communication. FB Chat is also down there - only for people I can't chat with any other way.

After that circle, comes the people I know better. I have their MSN (mostly old friends and MS freaks), I follow them (and sometimes they even follow me) on Twitter. At the top of that list are my gtalk friends - people I actually emailed in the past. Emails are also high up there - I don't often write people long messages that are not work related. If you're getting one, I have a lot to say to you, and the bonus is double - you get my email and get into my gtalk :)

Then of course, SMS, phone and f2f, in that order, which are on the border between digital and physical.

How is your list ordered?